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Resolution 2674 of 2013.

1. Documentation

Sanitation Plan:

It includes cleaning and disinfection programs, solid waste management and integrated pest control.

Continuous and Permanent Training Plan:

Contains,  methodology, duration, teachers, schedule and topics.

Medical certification of personnel working in the establishment:

This medical certification consists of la aptitude or not to handle food.

2. Establishment conditions

Good manufacturing practices

  • Evaluación de Floors, walls, ceilings, built in non-porous or absorbent sanitary material, easy to wash and disinfect.

  • Permanent supply of drinking water and connection to sewerage.

  • Evaluation of equipment and utensils

3. Personal Handler

  • Hand hygiene procedure training 

  • Cleaning and disinfection procedures according to the sanitation plan (areas, surfaces, tools and work equipment).

  • Evaluation of the complete uniform

  • Implementation of necessary measures so that food is not contaminated.  

4. Raw materials and inputs

 will verify the status of all products entering the establishment.

Implementation of cleaning and disinfection methods before its preparation.

Storage evaluation of the products  according to the temperature conditions required for their conservation (ambient, refrigerated, frozen). and rotation of the products.

Strategies to reach
standards of excellence

We count  with


Every legal representative or owner must know and apply the sanitary regulations; This is part of the responsibility that is acquired when developing an economic activity that can generate health or environmental risks to the community that consumes or acquires its products or services; or to those who are part of the environment in which the activity takes place.
This knowledge will be vital to avoid possible sanctions or fines.

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